England v Wales and British Regional Knockdown Tournament 2013

England v Wales June 29th saw several Chelmsford dojo members selected to represent England.  Senpais Sarah and Becky competed in the kata competition performing seinchin kata.  Senpai Sarah was also selected to fight in the women’s advanced clicker team.  Altan Suleyman was selected to fight in the men’s advanced clicker team and beat his welsh opponent.

Along side the England v Wales was the Regional Knockdown Tournament, Senpai Emma competed in the novice women’s heavyweight division.  She fought 2 rounds against Emma Hopkins from Mountain Ash dojo and narrowly lost the decision, but gave a great display of knockdown fighting in one of the best fights of the day.

Congratulations to all Chelmsford karateka who competed on the day.


National Kata and Team Clicker Tournament 2013

We had great success at the National Kata and Clicker tournament with Senpai Sarah, Senpai Becky and Senpai Emma winning a well deserved bronze in the team event, along with joint fourth position for Senpai Becky and Senpai Emma and second place for Senpai Sarah in the ladies individual high grade category.  All the Senpais performed an outstanding display of kata in this very high standard tournament.  Congratulations to you all!  In the advanced team ladies clicker tournament we had an outstanding day by coming away as the champions!  Again well done to the Senpais.


New Year’s Day 2013 Training!

New Year's Day Sunrise 2013 001 New Year's Day Training





What better way to start the New Year than an early morning training session and to catch a glimpse of the sunrise!  Shihan Stuart, Emma and Andy met for a 3 mile run, followed by a traditional kyokushin workout and Kata.  We finished with seiza mokuso and then saw the sun rising leaving us all feeling revitalised and ready to start our karate year!  Happy New Year! Osu.


National Kata Tournament in Reading 2012

The club had a great day at the National Kata Tournament in Reading on Saturday Sanpai Sarah got a well deserved third place in the Black belt ladies category,Greg,Brandon,and Patrick won the Bronze medal in the Junior High Grade Team event. Both Emma and Jenny got through to the second round of the Brown belt category. The standard at the Tournament was first class I was very pleased with the Chelmsford Students who preformed their Katas with great skill well-done to all of you.

Kyokushin Instructor/Black Belt course with Hanshi

The course has been going for over 25 years, it is a great start to the year with over 90 students on the day.
The Instructors were Hanshi, Shihans Alex, Liam, and Nick, Hanshi started off the training then the students were split up between the 4 instructors. A varied selection of training by each instructor it was very enjoyable, we went over a lot of old training ways which may have been put on the back burner over the years so it was good to re-cap on them. We were all quite tired after the 4 hour class but enjoyed the day, thankyou to Sanpai Phil for his company on the day, also Hanshi presented me with my 5th Dan Belt and said some very kind words which was a nice end to the day. Osu.


Winter Training

The weather in December was very wintry and not to miss a freak weather front Shihan and 15 Students trained in the snow…! It was great we are lucky that the Dojo is near Hylands Park which is a fantastic place to train. Before we embarked on the mission the juniors trained for a short while outside the dojo so they could say they did their own winter training (Bless) Well-done to all of you truly the heart of Kyokushin….!
Back to the Mission….! There were one or two open mouths when I suggested this but once we started the 2 mile run they soon closed up as it was very very cold….! Basics, Kata then fighting all good fun then the run back reminded me of the old days,any old students that follow our blog I am sure will be nodding their heads…! On the whole we had a great training session all the students got in to the swig of things training in the true Kyokushin Spirit.Osu…..!

Waterfall Training

As it is the 30th Anniversary of the club this year I thought it would be a good way to kick off the year with a trip to the Brecon Beacons to do the annual Waterfall training. Mad….! Yes I think it is but great fun, I believe it started off 36 years ago based on the time Oyama used to train under the waterfalls when he lived in the Mountains for 3 years in Japan.The Day started with Myself, Sanpais Dave K, Dave H, Sarah, Jack, Phil,and Aaron driving the three and half hours to Wales, there we met around 60 other Students Shihan Terry took the class and kindly asked me to assist (which I was not expecting) which was great although I have been many times to train this the first time I had helped so many thanks Shihan for that.So off we all ran to the water fall just before we got there we did a 40 minute work out then one by one got under the waterfall did our punches then quickly ran back to the pub to warm up…! I could try to explain the day but I guess you had to be there to understand it. It was great, fantastic camaraderie with the group everyone helping out each other a great Kyokushin Spirit.Thankyou to Shihan Terry and everyone else that went I recommend it to everyone a great experience,a question that I was asked when I got back was were you cold….? Well it was January, Snowing, bare feet,what do you think…? Osu

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