Kata Tournament 2016

Congratulations to Sensei Sarah in winning second position in the Women’s Kata Tournament… Sensei lost on count back By one point it was very close… Other results… Peteri and Mark got through two rounds Sanpai Jack came 7th in the men’s category Shihan Stuart was 5th in the vets and Shihan/Sensei/and Sanpai were 4th in the team event… A great days work from the Chelmsford Dojo Osu…!


Junior Clicker Tournament

Well done to all the Chelmsford Students who fought at the Clicker Tournament today it was the 24th year… The fighting was fantastic special to thanks to all the Parents for your support and Sensei Sarah and Sanpai Jack for all your help Osu….!image

Dunmow Tournament 2015

Chelmsford fighters with Shihan winning 5 trophies at the Dunmow 30th anniversary Tournament.


Hanshi with the most Spirited fighter of the day young Findley.

imageAll too much for Findley….

imageBrave Hanshi fancies his chances….




New Sensei, Sarah

Sanpai Sarah achieved her 3rd Dan Black belt at the BKK summer-camp in August and is now Sensei Sarah.


Hanshi Sensei Sarah and Shihan at the 2015 Summercamp


Sensei Sarah, Jamie, Hanshi, Scott, Craig and Shihan.

Sarah is only the 9th BKK female in 50 years to achieve the rank of a Sensei. A great achievement. See presentation below

Beach Training 2013

Sunday 7th July saw the 23rd annual Beach Training at Frinton.  Over 40 students attended what is a fun filled day of training.  The temperature was in the 30’s which made training in the sea all the more enjoyable!!  The day started with a 5 mile run for seniors along the beach followed by 1000 technique warm up then the juniors joined in and kihon and kata were on the agenda.  Lunch and team games followed…many forfeits were meted out by Shihan on latecomers and losing team captains.  Shihan was very surprised that red belts can hold their breath for 7 minutes in the sea!!  However, the shodans pretending to be aeroplanes was the highlight of the day matching any display by the Red Arrows!

Looking forward to next years beach training when we can do it all again…It really is a great family day out for our dojo.