Our club has had great success in national gradings with 20 of our students, past and present, achieving their first Dan black belt and many of those going on to be awarded further grades.

Acting Instructors

Shihan Stuart Wright- 5th Dan

Shihan Stuart has been training for over 40 years and is chief instructor at the Chelmsford dojo since it opened in 1981.

He was awarded his fifth dan black belt by Hanshi Steve Arneil in 2010 in recognition of his commitment and service to the BKK.

Shihan has previously competed in competitions in all disciplines, but now regularly takes part in the veteran catagory of the kata tournaments.


Sensei Sarah Stoddart- 3rd Dan

Sensei Sarah has been training for 19 years and is only the 9th woman in the BKK to be awarded her 3rd Dan.

She has had great success in both national and International competitions, having represented both England and Great Britain in kata tournaments abroad.

As of March 2017, Sensei Sarah is reigning British kata champion.


Senpai Dave Hallet- 2nd Dan

Senpai Dave has been training for over 20 years and is one of our oldest students.

Despite having retired, he remains fit and flexible with regular training.

Senpai’s favourite kata is seienchin.



Senpai Jack Stoddart- 1st Dan

Senpai Jack has been training for 16 years and has been a black belt for the last 10.

He has competed in fighting and kata competitions and recently represented England in Barcelona.

Jack’s favourite kind of lessons involve pad work, sparring and circuit training.