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New Sensei, Sarah

Sanpai Sarah achieved her 3rd Dan Black belt at the BKK summer-camp in August and is now Sensei Sarah.


Hanshi Sensei Sarah and Shihan at the 2015 Summercamp


Sensei Sarah, Jamie, Hanshi, Scott, Craig and Shihan.

Sarah is only the 9th BKK female in 50 years to achieve the rank of a Sensei. A great achievement. See presentation below

New Year’s Day 2013 Training!

New Year's Day Sunrise 2013 001 New Year's Day Training





What better way to start the New Year than an early morning training session and to catch a glimpse of the sunrise!  Shihan Stuart, Emma and Andy met for a 3 mile run, followed by a traditional kyokushin workout and Kata.  We finished with seiza mokuso and then saw the sun rising leaving us all feeling revitalised and ready to start our karate year!  Happy New Year! Osu.


Kyokushin Instructor/Black Belt course with Hanshi

The course has been going for over 25 years, it is a great start to the year with over 90 students on the day.
The Instructors were Hanshi, Shihans Alex, Liam, and Nick, Hanshi started off the training then the students were split up between the 4 instructors. A varied selection of training by each instructor it was very enjoyable, we went over a lot of old training ways which may have been put on the back burner over the years so it was good to re-cap on them. We were all quite tired after the 4 hour class but enjoyed the day, thankyou to Sanpai Phil for his company on the day, also Hanshi presented me with my 5th Dan Belt and said some very kind words which was a nice end to the day. Osu.


Santa visits the Chelmsford Dojo!

Sanpai Jack wore the Father Christmas outfit ALL DAY….! (Even in the night club) to raise some money for the Chelmsford Hospice…..!
Thankyou to all the Parents and Students that donated to the fund and WELDONE SANPAI for giving up your time to raise the money.


Photo gallery

The latest photos to go on the gallery give an idea of what sort of Karate training we do at the Chelmsford dojo, ranging from general fitness, Karate basics, pad work, circuit training and kumite. I hope the students enjoy looking at the photos, and also any Seniors or Juniors who would like to join the Karate club.
I would like to thank Gordon Flack (Greg’s Father) who is now the Chelmsford Dojo Website Master for all the hard work he has done in upgrading our Website, he has worked countless hours on the site without his dedicated work the site would not have been the excellent quality that it is a BIG WELL DONE…!